Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Single Man

A couple of weeks ago I saw " A Single Man" directed by fashion designer Tom Ford. The movie was incredibly beautiful, details of 1960's fashion were admired strongly throughout the film. Ford made a deal of how eyes can portray emotions and tell so much more about a person, there were many close ups of characters eyes, and their lips as they were speaking too. Colin Firth playing George Falconer, grieving the loss of his lover Jim who died in a car accident who dreadfully plans end his life that day. George's best friend and which he had a brief fling in his youth with; Charley is a gorgous woman drowned in her own self pitty after a diasterous divorce.In a scene where George and Charely are arranging catching up that night at Charleys over a phone call, Charley is applying her eye make up, Ford makes a big deal of how she is carefully applying the eyeliner and how this reflects how important it is to present herself and the sexy 60's style she is attempting. George and Charley have a precious bond, they love eachother dearly and know eachother so well that in one uplifting scene they are dancing and flirting, as if the whole world is at a standstill and they can forget their grief.

Kenny, a curious student in George's English class is played by past Skins actor Nicholas Hoult. British Vogue nominated Hoult as best dressed in "A Single Man" which I completely agree with, I was dazed by the colours and textures, certainly temptatious and beautiful. Wearing an angeclic white jumper, this is appropriate as Kenny is an emotional rescue to George. Nicholas Hoult is a typical English actor, my friend noticed his interesting attempt at an American accent in the film which was quite amusing.

I highly recommend this film, I really enjoyed it and didn't know what to expect when seeing it but it was a wondeful surprise. I dont regard myself as a film critique as I have had no experience in writing reviews, this is simply a fashion review as I admired the film greatly.

Love always, Hannah x

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